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What are cookies?

Most internet browsers have the ability to store simple text files called "cookies" on their visitors' computers.

Cookies allow sites to do certain things like store user preferences, remember a username and / or a password so the user doesn't need to retype it each time they visit, or to follow a user's path across a website to provide data to help improve services.


  • can't read your hard disk.
  • can't obtain your login email address, or other information unless you volunteer the information.
  • can't be used to create viruses or destructive programs on your computer.
  • can't be used to instantly fill up your hard drive.

Under the EU Privacy Directive we have a legal responsibility to provide information to you about the purpose of the cookies we use, and guidance on how to disable them or prevent them being placed on your internet device if you choose not to allow them.

What cookies do we use?

Name Purpose More information
Google Analytics These are common website tracking tools that give us general statistics about website usage, how people move around our site and the type of things they buy. It helps us spot problems and make improvements as a result. Google analytics web site

How do I turn cookies off?

The method to disable or delete cookies on your computer depends on the browser you use (for instance Internet Explorer 9, FireFox, Opera, Chrome etc).

Firstly, you need to identify the browser you are using. Usually, this 'version number' is shown in an 'About' section in the help or tools section of your browser.

For more information on cookies and how to restrict or delete them, visit



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